Kick Your Sales Into High Gear With TechNerds’ SDR Team

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Without a powerful sales mechanism, your business will suffer. It’s a common perception among CEOs and C-Level executives that the rise of digital means all sales happen online. That is untrue. 

Every successful business works hard on its SDR team. No one solely relies on SEO for business generation. Though picking up the phone and cold calling might seem outdated, it’s not in the bin just yet. It’s more evolved.

Smart businesses now utilize an omnichannel approach towards closing sales. It’s not a fire and forget strategy where one message might manifest into a million dollars worth of business someday.

True, A LOT of business happens due to a successful online sales strategy. But that big-ticket client will never give their riches to someone who doesn’t make the extra effort in relationship building, reaching them via phone, or doing an in-person meeting.

Therefore, companies and businesses invest a lot into sales generation. But just because a company spends millions on their sales team, doesn’t mean they’re not burning money.

If you’re smart, instead of hiring an in-house sales team and building it from scratch, you would consider SDR outsourcing. In this scenario, you neither create a new sales department nor burn cash on sales generation companies with poor results.

Instead, you hire a working partner like us that works as an extension of your business, We combine talent, research, and experience to build a sales pipeline that gets results and limits cash burning. With indoor tracking, you can engage more of your potential customers. Not only will they be able to see what’s on offer but also how it compares against other products or services in their area!

But first, let us run you through what an SDR team is and how TechNerd’s virtual sales team can kick your sales into high gear.

What is an SDR Team?

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“SDR” otherwise known as Sales Development Representatives are individuals skilled in the art of selling. Their scope of work entails building, designing, optimizing, prospecting, and generating sales leads for your business. 

A sales development representative ensures businesses reach out to their prospective clients. He pitches products/services to them in the hope of converting those leads into loyal, long-term customers. 

The 2 Main Types Of Leads An SDR team Targets to Generate Sales

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Inbound Leads

Leads generated by digital media such as social media and websites are known as inbound leads. The SDR team gathers feedback from these leads and finds out what these leads are hoping to receive from your business in return.

SDRs are also tasked with evaluating whether a person is a potential client and fits the ideal definition of the target customer profile. It calls for evaluating the prospect and selecting the right client who can actually bring business to the company. 

Outbound Leads

Outbound leads are the ones generated during a business outreach program. In this case, the SDR team identifies and speaks to the prospective client to ascertain their interest in the company and its products and services. 

Finding outbound leads can be achieved in a number of ways. In this approach, SDR companies mainly use referrals, organic traffic and lead prospecting software for technologically savvy companies like yours to grow business. 

Strong lead generation campaigns are able to identify a prospective client’s pain points, deliver a solution, and close the sale.

How TechNerds’ SDR Team Can Kick Your Sales Into High Gear

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Developing a winning sales development strategy is key. The absence of a proper strategy can rob your business of a proper game plan to acquire sales successfully. A good strategy developed by sales development teams serves both as a guideline and a drawing board for creating a good sales strategy.

At TechNerds, we utilize an orchestrated omnichannel approach covering 360-degree business outreach strategies with LinkedIn, Email Marketing, and Cold Calling.

Our sales approach enables us to target your Ideal Customer Profiles and optimize lead-to-conversion ratios for successful results.

We audit and review all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from website optimization, to SEO, and craft the best marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads that align with your business’ services.

Our 3-Channel Orchestrated Sales Development Approach

We deploy a three-channel sales process to help you generate and convert leads into actual paying customers. The first channel we’ve found effective for multiple clients is LinkedIn. 

SDR Team LinkedIn Outreach

Our SDR team uses LinkedIn outreach as a primary channel to research your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) and engage these potential clients. 

We strategically connect with your leads via LinkedIn and interact with them to build relationships, stir interest, and close sales. 

SDR Team Email Marketing

Our targeted email outreach program is designed to circumvent spam, help you make a powerful impression, and establish a strong rapport with your prospects. 

Our virtual sales team incorporates powerful subject lines, value-driven content, personalized receiver information, and your industry jargon to better Email open rates constantly. We are devoted to helping you drive more sales via email marketing. 

SDR Team Cold Calling

A popular misconception is that cold-calling is dead, it’s not. It’s simply evolved. In our experience, we’ve found cold calling effective especially when it’s tailored towards the psychology of your modern-day consumer. 

We train and deploy sales development representatives who excel at nurturing leads to bring you business keeping modern-day consumer behaviors at the forefront.

But having a diversified 3 channel SDR approach isn’t enough. No sales team can be effective without a proper sales pipeline in place. 

Let us walk you through what exactly is a sales pipeline and how TechNerds SDR team can build one for your business.

What Does It Mean to Build a Sales Pipeline?

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To understand a sales pipeline, you need to understand what lead generation is. For SDRs, leads are prospects who have been in communication with your business over time and are actually qualified to do business with your company. Using an effective sales pipeline can help you determine which leads are qualified vs the ones that aren’t. 

By having a solid sales pipeline, you can select prospects who are reliable, sustainable, and qualified to bring on board. As a result, your company saves time and money on the process of finding new prospects in longer periods of time. 

Sales pipelines are a goldmine for businesses because they provide opportunities that, over time, translate to greater incomes and business.

Are you looking to build an effective sales pipeline for your business? Integrate your company with TechNerds outsourced sales development professionals who come stacked with expertise in Researching, Prospecting, Qualifying, and Generating Real Leads!

Here’s how TechNerds SDR goes about building your sales pipeline.

Process of Building a Sales Pipeline

1. Strategic Prospecting

Prospecting needs to be objectively specific. Identifying the right client for your business takes time while building the right sales pitch and a profile of your ideal customer can also be time-consuming and complex.

However, to overcome this, our dedicated sales development team utilizes tools to streamline your prospecting process, and draws on experience to build effective sales pitches to craft a rewarding pipeline for your business. 

2.  Verifying Prospects

Once our SDR team has identified your prospects, they get further information that aids in the elimination process of unqualified leads. This stage focuses on bringing only your ideal prospects onboard – ones who are most likely to purchase your products and services.

3.  Communicating With Prospects

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Being in touch with your prospects is crucial if your company genuinely wants to win clients over. You cannot maintain a sustainable sales pipeline if you are not communicating effectively and efficiently enough with your prospects. 

Our sales strategy at this stage focuses on increasing your business’ frequency of communication. After locking ideal communication channels to reach your prospects such as social media, emails, or calls, we proceed to keep your prospects engaged in order to propel them higher up the purchasing stage. 

4.  Nurturing Stage

The nurturing stage sees our TechNerd’s sales development team building a relationship with your customers and improving the quality of information we have on them, eg, where they are located and what their concerns are. 

Guiding and nurturing your leads guarantees closing deals while keeping them updated on your business requirements. This stage is about being patient and persevering.

5.  Creating Sales Appointments

 Sale's appointments

Now it’s time to set up appointments. This will lead to higher conversions and help in onboarding them. Our primary goal here is to create a reliable pool of potential customers. 

This stage enables our SDR team to build and create a sales pitch that convinces your prospects and entices them to become your customers.  

6.  Going the Extra Mile

Besides nurturing and responding to prospects, a good sales pipeline consists of motivated and knowledgeable prospects becoming aware of the business they pursue. 

Our SDR Team adds value alongside the nurturing process by providing marketing collateral. These refer to design, marketing materials, either offline or online resources that help make the sales pipeline more effective.


Building a sales pipeline is a tedious, time-consuming task. The margin of error is exacerbated especially when your business has no prior sales department or expertise. 

By hiring an SDR team of great communicators, dedicated and technologically savvy professionals, you take one giant leap into accurately predicting sales trends, building a proper sales funnel, and subsequently closing more deals.

This is why we are the number one SDR outsourcing choice of many businesses in the USA. TechNerds’ SDRs are experts at gauging trends, identifying consumer pain points, and generating qualified leads. 

We work round the clock for your business to target prospects and develop innovative ideas tailored to your niche. Our team implements trending sales and marketing strategies to ensure successful results.

After all, numbers never lie, and finding qualified leads from market research and adopting the most effective strategies to build your sales pipeline with SDR teams can absolutely scale your business. 

Learn more about how hiring an expert outsourced sales development team can help you build and grow your sales ecosystem! Book your consultation now

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