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Digital Marketing Services

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    It’s proven by experts that when you can rank #1 on Google, your business becomes 10X better than your competitors! Our SEO campaigns do just that. Ensure you’re 10X better by ranking you #1!

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    Immediately transform your business’ goals with our results-driven PPC campaigns that bring you highly qualified traffic at the most optimal rates.

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    Social Media

    3.5 billion people were social media users in 2020! Our innovative SMM campaigns help you connect, target & engage them on the right platform, at the right time, with the right message in the most impactful way!

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    Content Marketing

    Content marketing delivers 3X as many leads compared to other forms of marketing! With our Content Marketing campaigns; you maximize conversions, reach #1 on Google, enhance your brand awareness while keeping your audience active & engaged!

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    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing with personalized campaigns boosts your revenue by 760%! Our email campaigns let you tap that potential by maximizing your brand engagement, customer loyalty, and revenue.

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    Website Optimization

    Just having a website doesn’t get results, but having an optimized website can do wonders for your business! Our website optimization service ensures your site is ready to rank #1 on Google, is quick, responsive & meets the highest quality standards.

Full Service Digital Agency

From Web and Mobile App Design & Development to Online Marketing Campaigns, TechNerds help brands and businesses increase visibility, engagement, and revenue.


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    Schedule your discovery call to take the next action step forward for your project. Let’s achieve goals together!

  • Discovery Call

    In this stage we are focused on learning about your project details and goals. We take in as much data and information as we can in this stage to create a solid Scope of Work for you

  • Scope of Work
    • Define the Project

    • Outline Project tasks

    • Prepare the information architecture, including technology stack

    • Provide the timeline and cost

  • Contract Agreement

    It’s time to secure the deal. We provide you with a detailed legal agreement which outlines our services, the scope, owner rights, and confidentiality.

  • Project Kickoff

    It’s time to get you boarded onto our collaborative platform where you will have a virtual desk and access to your dedicated team ready to execute tasks according to the plan.

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