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Intelligent & Responsive

Web Design & Development

Crafting the best responsive websites that elevate your brand, improve conversion rates and maximize revenue to grow your business.

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Innovative & Inspiring

UI/UX Design Services

Unique UI/UX designs that accelerate your business traffic, enhance user retention rates, and drive revenue.

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    It’s essential to conduct in-depth user research to create the perfect UI/UX experiences. Audience demographics, digital behavior, goals, interests & motives drive the task flow analysis to create the initial website wireframe. read more

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    Wireframes and

    Next, we show you demo wireframes & functional prototypes early so you can provide valuable feedback. This results in efficient, insights-driven designs that utilize user & client input for development decisions to synchronize with end-user interactions & behavior. read more

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    Web Design

    We put more effort into UX elements than anyone else since we understand how important it is to deliver an enjoyable experience. Our expert designers know precisely when to go Picasso with details such as colors, shapes, textures, compositions, images & typography - to deliver an immersive experience to your audience. read more

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    Mobile App UX/UI
    Design Services

    We bring your concepts and ideas to life by leveraging the latest industry trends, designing innovative and reliable user-first interfaces, and enhancing mobile app designs to increase downloads, improve user engagement, and boost sales. read more

Here’s why clients who approach us, stick with us!

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    Agile Methodology
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    Insights-Driven Design
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    Proven Results
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    Efficient Processes
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    World-Class Team

When Do You Need a Website Redesign?

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    Outdated Tech & Designs

    Outdated web designs are one of the core reasons your business drives little to no traffic. Additionally, the obsolete technologies you previously used to develop your website make it less competitive. So it’s time to bid farewell to dull, old-school designs and step into the future with a modern, minimalist website that revamps your brand image!

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    Poor Mobile Optimization

    Do you know 72% of your clients don’t prefer poorly-optimized websites? Even Google won't allow your site to rank on the first page if it isn't responsive to different screen sizes. So let’s cut that possibility off the list, shall we?

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    Low Search-Engine Ranking

    If your website isn’t ranked high on Google, forget about those customers coming to you! Since 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, our professional website redesign services ensure you’re all set with the best SEO for maximum visibility.

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    Audience Connection

    Your website's content should effectively target your customers. If the content doesn’t speak your client’s lingo, it won’t connect with your audience. Therefore, we make sure that’s never the case!

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    Weak Visitor-to Lead Ratio

    Failing to convert your website visitors into customers? That’s a sign you need to redesign your website. Our website redesigns are data-driven and incorporate the best design principles that ensure higher conversions!

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    Slow Web Speed

    4 out of 10 customers abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want that. So, we ensure your redesigned website loads faster with CDNs and enhanced image optimization techniques.

Our 5 Strategic Design Stages

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Full Service Digital Agency

From Web and Mobile App Design & Development to Online Marketing Campaigns, TechNerds helps brands and businesses increase online presence, engagement, and revenue.

Facing Website Challenges?

Let Us Rescue Your Project!

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of clients and businesses rescue their projects from severe delays, poor coding, miscommunication, and poor management experiences.


Our Rescue Process

  • 01
    Investigation of
    Project Details & Issues

    We begin by probing details of the failed project, conducting thorough research, and analyzing existing issues.

  • 02
    Conduct an

    Next comes the audit phase; here, we identify the root cause of the failure, present findings, and create an action plan to address the problems and achieve the desired results.

  • 03
    Deliver a

    Our software engineers and technical specialists work to fix the root cause of the project failure and make further enhancements to make the product you envision a reality. Additionally, they make sure they’re on the same page with you by frequently sharing the work progress.

Featured Website Design Case Study

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HomeKeyInn is a home-sharing platform that connects hosts, guests, and workers efficiently on one platform. It is transforming the accommodation industry by providing a convenient process for hosts to share, guests to reserve their stays & workers to earn flexibly through jobs on the platform.

TechNerds enabled HomeKeyInn to:

  • Employ a modern minimalist design most convenient for target users

  • Make accommodation posting seamless for hosts

  • Make the booking/logistical process effort-less for home-seekers

  • Make the job hunt process a breeze for Job-seekers

  • Reach a wider audience with keyword-based optimization

  • Earn substantial profits in a relatively short amount of time

We are Grateful to Work

with Amazing Clients

It’s not the dreamers that are remembered. It’s the doers.

Bring Your Vision To Life.

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