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Join our team and make a difference.

Success comes to those who are in constant pursuit of excellence. Keeping in line with our philosophy of continuous growth, we are always in search for exceptional talent that can help us make a bigger difference everyday.

The Nerd Perks

Employees form the backbone of our company which is why initiatives to enhance their perks and wellbeing is a top priority for us at TechNerds. We provide an extensive array of benefits to make your time productive and worthwhile. Check out our Nerd Perks!

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    Provident Fund

    Create a successful future without any worries. Our provident fund policies help you maximize the fruit of your hard work.

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    Medical Coverage

    Our medical coverage benefits have got all your medical needs covered. Fingers crossed, we hope it never comes to that!

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    Paid Leaves

    Come back stronger! Whether it’s a vacation, personal commitment, or hibernation, our paid leaves have got you covered.

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    Overtime Compensation

    Those who give extra, deserve more! We provide overtime compensation to our employees for additional hours worked.

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    Flexible Timings

    Couldn’t make it to the office in time? Happens! You can shroud all your worries in our time relaxation perk.

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    Advance Salary

    Running south on your monthly expenses or a financial commitment? We never leave our employees in their time of need!

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    Gaming Facility

    When the going gets tough, the tough go gaming! Our gaming facilities always light up your mood to take the edge off.

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    Annual Increment

    Your efforts count! We offer annual increments to thank, motivate and reward you for your valued services.

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    Self Service Pantry

    Why not sip on some coffee or tea? Our self-service pantry is always there to serve you incredible drinks on the house!

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    Personal Development Fund

    Keep pace with your development goals! Grab opportunities for seminars and conferences to acquire knowledge like never before!

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    Growing & Dynamic Teams

    Innovation and growth are the driving force for success. Join us to identify, access, and exceed your potential.

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    Paid Internships

    We’re proud to be among the list of pioneers for setting a new tradition of paid internships. Join us and benefit from the opportunity to learn from the experts

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    Employee of the Month / Performance-Based Bonuses

    Congratulations on being our star performer of the month!” We always appreciate and incentivize our hard-working employees!

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    Learning & development fund

    Quality breeds success. Our learning & development fund helps you grow professionally and enhances your technical skills.

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    Personal Loans | Home Loans | Vehicle Lease

    It’s time to make a lifestyle upgrade! Our vehicle lease and home finance facilities help our employees realize their dreams!

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    Prizes, Dinners & Rewards / Team & Company-Wide Dinners

    We love hanging out and rewarding all our employees to appreciate their efforts and hardwork!

Join Us and explore what it’s like to have a CAREER, not a job.

We Are Global!

We are always looking to expand our operations thanks to our excellent leadership. Currently, we are housed in over 4 nations spanning across 3 continents.

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