About Us

TechNerds was established in 2020 as a leader in innovative digital solutions. We transform current technology into marketing platforms for aspiring businesses. As a full-service digital agency, we offer a wide variety of services From Web and Mobile App Design & Development to Online Marketing Campaigns, TechNerds help brands and businesses increase visibility, engagement, and revenue.

How We Contribute to Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Many startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses struggle due to low cash flow and lack of capital. As TechNerds mission is to help bring your vision to life, we offer flexible low monthly payment plans to alleviate the stress on your business to grow and partner with you to ensure a quality product is made with strategic and cost effective plans.

Our abundant team ensures a personal world class experience, every time. We build business relationships with our clients and make them a part of the TechNerds family. Our client base ranges from agencies to freelancers, finance companies, legal teams, healthcare organizations, staffing solutions and much more.


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