10 Surefire Reasons TechNerds Can Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2023 (And Not You!)

It’s hard to find skeptics in a world so digitized. But yes, they exist. We’re sure 99% of people can’t deny that digital marketing is the best form of marketing in the world and one of the ways you can take your business to the next level.

Oh, you think we’re biased? Well, we don’t deny it! And why shouldn’t we be?

But now you’re sitting there thinking, why we’re so smug? Fine. Let’s talk hard facts, and Oh, remember you asked for it!

What Is A Digital Marketing Agency?

You could ask a hundred people, and they’d give you a hundred different definitions. We’re gonna try and be the 101st 😂

You see, a digital marketing agency focuses on marketing business products and services over the internet. This form of marketing is driven by consumer data, and its marketing success (which is usually measurable) is evaluated by the targets set and results achieved against those targets.

Digital marketing is a data-driven and technology-led brand promotion process.

At TechNerds, we have a team of specialists working in synergy to execute marketing strategies and campaigns that bring the highest ROI for client businesses that take your business to the next level. Our Digital marketing specialists, graphic designers, web developers, SEO, and content creators work alongside each other to meet a clients’ objectives.

Check Out 10 Surefire Reasons Why TechNerds Can Take Your Business To The Next Level

Times when “spray and pray” marketing used to be a thing are long gone.

This one’s a no-brainer! Unless you just surfaced on Earth from an outer planet with no prior knowledge of humanity (we forgive you then), there’s no way you can undermine the power of the internet. Today, everything is online. (90.3% of the USA population are avid internet users!)

When most of your customers are online, it becomes necessary for your brand to utilize the digital space. This is where digital marketing steps in.

Since there are so many businesses with similar products and services, it becomes necessary for your startup to be distinguishable to take your business to the next level. Digital Marketing can help you stand out by crafting a brand identity and personality while driving more revenue through strategies that make customers want to buy from you.

“Where you are is as important as where you are not”

For instance, strategies like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can increase brand awareness by as much as 80 percent!

So, why is digital marketing important? By investing in digital, you will help your business grow exponentially. Still not sure? Check Out 10 sensible reasons why a digital agency like ours can take your business to the next level!

1. The Internet Is A Space, And We’re The Masters Here!

The first reason why a digital agency like TechNerds can take your business to the next level is that the internet is the fastest way to reach customers who are already regulars online and interested in buying your product/service!

With the rise of the Internet, more and more people are spending their time online. In fact, over 7.7 billion people use the Internet across the globe now! It’s become an integral part of everyday life to conduct searches, check social media feeds, and purchase products online.

It’s not hard to do the math and understand that this is where most of your customers are. Actively searching for products and services they want/need or ones that appeal to them. But doing it yourself won’t get you far.

You need a specialized agency that thrives in the online world. So If your business isn’t online yet, you need to contact one right now and make up for the business you’ve already lost to competitors!

2. We Can Make Your Competitors Sweat!

We hate to break it to you, but your competitors are already doing it and doing it well! Just search up a few names that come to mind from your industry and see who “isn’t” online. (Go ahead, take it as a challenge)

(Yeah, we just did that ^ 😂)**

Anyway, your competitors have got their social profiles set up, optimized their websites for SEO, and strategically run PPC campaigns to reach new leads, done Social Media Marketing, and so much more! So how will your business compete in the industry if it isn’t making use of the digital space?

We strongly suggest not to risk falling behind by neglecting Digital Marketing. The world is advancing rapidly, and only those businesses survive who evolve with time and utilize every opportunity.

Imagine all that legit traffic meant for you going to someone else. It hurts to even think about it, right? But we can’t blame them for not knowing you exist. 🤷‍♂️ So throw your hat in the ring and collab with an agency now because it’s a surefire way of getting quality biz!

3. We Can Help You ‘Actually’ Compete With The Big Boys!

(Source: https://www.thesun.ie/tv/6032405/peaky-blinders-season-6-ada-shelby-alfie-solomons/)

Remember the first time Alfie Solomons said something like this to Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders: “Big eats Small?” (we used “eat” because we don’t wanna go all PG 13 here) We hope you got the reference. 👀

Well, we can help you overcome the size difference because, in the digital world, your imagination is the only limit to success when it comes to beating the big boys like Walmart, Amazon, etc. Their big names automatically attract huge trust and even more traffic, but the right agency can help you level that playing field!

We can help you give competitors a run for their money by helping you engage with the right leads using top-notch digital strategies and tools, same as your competitors. Thanks to services like SEO and Pay-per-click advertisements (PPC), the gap is pretty small digitally and mostly depends on who does it better consistently.

With SEO, you can rank higher on the google search, which is extremely important. No one can buy their way to the top. It takes some serious effort to take your business to the next level.

Everyone has to optimize their pages, even the most successful ones. To help you understand what SEO is and how to do it correctly, check out this detailed checklist for 2023.

Likewise, PPC ads are a great service to utilize when it comes to competing effectively online. Google ranks all your ads based on relevancy. This means, even if a company twice your size bids more for the same keyword you rank for, there’s no guarantee they’ll get the top spot because (you guessed it) your ad might be more relevant in Google’s algorithmic eyes!

This is where you close the gap with the big boys. If you can strike gold with the content you create (content that is more relevant to the chosen keywords), no amount of money will enable them to outrank you.

Surefire Reason No 3

We can enable your business to compete with bigger companies to obtain more relevant leads and subsequently business!

4. Order And We’ll Snipe At Your Ideal Audience

You give the order, and TechNerds will snipe at it and take your business to the next level. No kidding! Digital marketing allows you to target your audience better than traditional marketing. What a great superpower to have!

Put on your thinking cap. Imagine if you had a road leading directly to all the people who are willing to buy your products/services. What if we told you we could do just that. Help you directly reach leads interested in your business. No more hoping for people to come across your business signboard. (Thank God)

Here are several ways TechNerds can help you target that pool of dream customers.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. Lead Generation Website
  4. Online Networking
  5. Research Reports
  6. Online Marketing Videos
  7. White Papers or e-Books
  8. E-newsletters
  9. Blogging

Say your ideal clients are Caucasian men who fall in the age bracket of 23-35 years old, are single, and make at least $40 grand a year. If an agency like us wanted to help you target those ideal clients, we could set up parameters for the social media ad campaigns. This helps us be precise in showing the ad only to relevant people.

To sweeten the pot, we can even segment your audience! For instance, we can segment over gender and target Caucasian females with similar characteristics to males and deliver a customized ad experience that’s most relevant to them.

Remember, better targeting —> better results —> better leads —> more sales to take your business to the next level!.

5. We Help You Track Campaigns And Save More!

TechNerds can help you track and monitor your campaigns to understand what’s working and what’s not. An agency has dedicated resources. They employ experts and, not only do they invest time and money into their campaigns, but they are strategically better equipped to tackle all challenges and ensure success.

We provide our clients with customized collaboration software that lets you work with a dedicated team and manager answerable to all your demands and working expertly to deliver according to your expectations with measurable results.

We can help you keep track of the ROI of every campaign. Metrics like ROI reports, Google analytics, and other metrics allow you to see if a campaign is impacting your company’s bottom line.

Agencies like ours constantly evaluate digital campaigns, unlike traditional ones, where success can only be gauged after a campaign has ended. This is a massive edge as it helps to save time and can be tweaked on the go at any point during your campaign, resulting in much more significant financial savings.

6. We Can Fetch Incredible Returns On Investment (ROI)

The right Digital Agencies can fetch you amazing returns on investment (ROI) and take your business to the next level. For example, it is a fact that email marketing provides one of the highest ROI compared to all other methods. Here’s a fun fact.

A $1 investment in Email Marketing could enable you to make as much as $44 in return — a 4400% ROI!

If you want to implement email marketing campaigns look over here:

Pretty amazing, right?! Online marketing tools provide a great space for us to help grow your business. Besides, they are very cost-effective, which is why a little spending budget is all you need to run impactful, result-driven campaigns.

Campaigns such as PPC or social media are quite cheaper to run while possessing an incredible potential for your business to thrive compared to old-school marketing.

7. TechNerds Lets You Know EVERYTHING!

Source: https://www.kqed.org/pop/10178/how-to-play-mafia-an-in-depth-guide-to-the-perfect-holiday-game

We, humans, are curious creatures. It’s what got us to the moon, and it’s what makes you wonder how your website is doing or how an app is performing, what’s working digitally, and what’s not. How many people are regular visitors (organic traffic), where they come from, whether through PPC, email campaigns, or social media channels?

Each metric can be monitored, which is invaluable for getting through to the right target audience. The right agency will always focus on providing measurable data rather than relying on ideas and hunches. This is one reason why Digital marketing is such an attractive option for all types of businesses to take your business to the next level.

8. Provide Maximum Value In Minimum Budget

If you’re a small/medium business or startup, working with a digital marketing agency can be just what you need. Imagine making use of all the digital resources and experience while being surprisingly light on your wallet. Beats traditional marketing any day!

At TechNerds, our affordable monthly payment plans start as low as $35 an hour! Get your free consultation here take your business to the next level.

For example, Facebook gives the option of boosting social media posts on the platform (show your content to accurate leads). This only costs a fraction compared to printing & distributing leaflets to a small pool of people.

Additionally, while being low on cost, you can market your business to the whole world. This not only increases global brand recognition but is also easy on the environment with less paper being wasted.

Comparatively, online banner ads cost much less when pitted against the cost of getting an ad printed in newspapers and magazines. Not only that, as a business, you get constant feedback on how efficient your ad spend was.

9. We Help You Spread The Word Quicker!

We can help you spread the word about your business quicker! A simple click of a mouse button is all you need. On the contrary, think of how long it takes to get advertising banners, leaflets, billboards, etc. printed and distributed.

With an agency, you can be much more versatile with your communication and it’s frequency. Twitter posts can be posted within a few minutes compared to the countless hours it takes to design, develop and distribute flyers.

Likewise, we can send promotional emails, create engaging videos, craft e-books, and write newsletters in a short amount of time. We can also track who opened or viewed the content which is impossible to do with traditional marketing.

10. We Help You Engage More Effectively

One of the coolest reasons why TechNerds can fire you to the top is the tricks we have up our sleeve to promote your business in a fast-paced world.

An agency can help spur the much-needed engagement to take your business to the next level, which is essential to lure prospective and existing customers, answer queries, and solve problems in whatever methods it chooses to apply. It can enable you to interact with a wider audience allowing you to do more than sell.

An agency can do all the market research for you and inform you about the better decisions you can make, for instance, research the most relevant influencers on Instagram and have them endorse your brand, get the audience to share your content which would increase your brand profile.

We can help you tap into online competitions, blogs, and other fun domains where you are most likely to attract engagement.

TechNerds can do social listening for you, find out what your target audience is talking about, filter out their current needs and wants, and then tailor content that affects and impacts your customers in real-time. This raises your brand’s presence in the market.

Marketing yourself vs Hiring An Agency For Your Business In 2023

Marketing yourself is a risky strategy that can backfire. While some people do find success, most people do not. This is because their focus is on running their business. They are not well adept with marketing, often don’t know about the right tools, can’t operate them efficiently, and are not up to date in the digital world.

Whereas an agency like ours has mastered the art of digital marketing, brings bags of experience, specialized resources, and strategic goals to provide the best service possible. We can be a one-stop-shop for all things digital while ending up being lighter on your wallet when it comes to gauging success!

Check Out The You vs Agency Comparison To Find Out The Difference



When you’re busy running a business, you view things differently and are sometimes unable to see things objectively. You might be “too deep in your business dealings” and end up overlooking potential areas for improvement in a marketing campaign.


An agency has organized structures in place and is better equipped to meet the requirements of larger companies’ marketing needs. Due to their experience in managing how bigger businesses roll, they are even more brilliant at working with small businesses and startups. An agency can usually provide an unbiased and candid assessment of your marketing efforts.



Oh this happens to everyone who takes marketing efforts upon themselves. You get distracted or become too busy dealing with other aspects of running your business, that you end up neglecting your marketing efforts. This results in them being inconsistent and eventually, less effective.


Agencies are fully focused on their clients. At TechNerds, we have a dedicated project manager assigned for each client whose only task is to bring your vision to life. This means while you focus on other aspects of your business, an agency works diligently to ensure your business always shines in the best possible light.

Getting The Most Out


You need analytics to determine how well your marketing efforts are working and how to get the most out of them. While determining how you’re performing isn’t hard, getting the most out of them is.


A good digital marketing agency is results-driven. At TechNerds, our focus is on bringing tangible results to clients to help them see how much progress their campaigns have made for them. Our project managers provide regular analytics reports to help clients see their achievements.



It’s hard to manage all the workload and stresses of your business alongside your business’s growing marketing needs. Even with a team, you might be understaffed or not have a specialized team in place to execute marketing properly. To keep up, you might actually begin limiting your marketing efforts which does more harm than good.


At TechNerds, we aren’t bound by capacity issues. With offices in more than 4 countries, we employ some of the finest resources. The entire team is capable of handling each and every aspect of your business’ 360* degree marketing. At an agency, marketing continues even if any of the team members fall sick or go on leave.



You need to show flexibility and adaptability. How well you are able to respond depends on your marketing capabilities which may not be your strong suit as you are most likely, not a marketer yourself.


It might be easier for a central agency to make the necessary manpower available if a significant amount of work has to be done within a shorter period of time.

Quality Control


Cons: You probably went to law school or med. Would you ever send the desk clerk to the Operation Theater and expect him to perform the correct surgery… Pretty absurd, right? Then how can you expect to be great at marketing when you’ve never done it or spent time studying it.


Digital marketing agencies employ entire teams of creative professionals trained and experienced in producing quality marketing materials. Additionally, they also have a quality control system in place.

The Lower Cost Effect

We haven’t even added taxes, insurance, and retirement plans yet! So even if you have a team of three people for a company 40 to 50 employees. you’re looking at a cost of over $200 K a year which is mind-blowing!

Say you simply handed your work to TechNerds, not only would you be able to enjoy the best services but also some of the most affordable rates!

Request a quote today and be prepared to be surprised over how much you can save

There You Go!

I hope you had a fun time reading this blog! It would be even greater if we were actually able to bring the perspective as to why an agency is a far better choice than taking the marketing chains into your own hands.

If you’re unsure where to start with your venture, sweat not! just contact us here and schedule your free discovery call. This should be the first step for us to get started on bringing your vision to life. Sitting and just having a conversation about what you want is the best way to kick off any project.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Until then, this is TechNerds signing off. If you are interested in learning about how we collaborate with our clients, check out our client throwback series blog where we detail our client’s experience working with us.


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