5 Ways Digital Agency Can Burn Your Cash & It’s Solution

If we bagged a dime for every time we’ve come across a depressed client, we’d be millionaires. No kidding. Digital Agency can burn your cash at lightning speed. That’s how much the trouble has quadrupled since the digital boom.

You see, when the internet became the craze that it is today, everyone wanted a slice of the heaven it promises. But the problem was, most people didn’t know how it worked.

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Family Shenanigans

Think about it. We all probably know a family friend who’s boasted about the potential of making sales online. Truth is, they were right. The potential is HUGE.

But that family friend, like most people, sadly didn’t have a clue about this strange thing called “The Internet.”

He (or she) most likely heard an eye-opening tale of someone’s son making six figures from his online business and probably had 💲💲 signs in their eyes too. So what do they do?

They ask the kid to reveal his secret of success, and the kid points them to an “insane” Digital Agency that will handle all their digital business for him. In return, all they have to do is pay an “insignificant” fee and gear up for all the incredible wealth that’s about to come their way.

The ‘family friend,’ like most of us, rub their palms in anticipation of a fortune and, without any hesitation, accept the kid’s advice and hire that digital agency. But several months and many outlays of cash later; the reality finally dawns on them. The agency is failing to deliver what they had promised. They didn’t know Digital Agency Can Burn Your Cash. In other words, They’re getting ripped off!

Now the business idea must’ve been right but did they hire the ‘right’ agency? No, they did not, and sadly, when it didn’t work, they most likely gave up on the idea of making their business thrive online.

But he/she isn’t the only one to be ripped off, oversold, falsely promised, or delivered below par work. Chances are, you have been too.

5 Ways A Digital Agency Can Burn Your Cash and Resources

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1. Agency Doesn’t Deliver On Its Promises
2. Agency Overcharges Fees For Poor Quality Work
3. Agency Doesn’t Have A Proper Work Structure
4. Agency Doesn’t Deliver Projects On Time
5. Agency Does Not Communicate Properly
6. Agency Creates Your Project But Keeps Ownership

Let’s expand on each of the pain points we’ve just identified.

1. Agency Doesn’t Deliver On Its Promises

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We’ve come across all sorts of client complains regarding their previous digital agencies, and most of them have a horror story or two to share, and we’re not even surprised half the time!

One common let-down that gets thrown to us (a lot) is you guys being on the receiving end of an agency that doesn’t deliver on its promises. It’s like they have literally abandoned the adage – “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”.

Here, the agency almost always makes fake promises regarding increased sales, over-the-top results, insane returns on investment (ROI), and hyped-up value addition – just to win you over.

Months go by, and you notice no significant improvement in your business fortunes.

That’s because there are so many digital agencies out there that are willing to do just about anything to get some business, including over-promising work they can’t deliver. This is why opting for an agency that values work transparency is invaluable to your success!

2. Agency Overcharges Fee For Poor Quality Work



Another common let-down we hear is agencies charging you guys exorbitant fees but delivering very poor quality of work.

For instance, an agency might promise you incredible social media marketing for your business but their strategies don’t end up yielding the clicks, interest and business that you expect. On the other hand, you’re being charged sky-high fees in return for poor quality work and services.

This makes you question the potential of online business and leaves you burnt out, exhausted and quiet hesitant to work with someone else. Digital Agency Can Burn Your Cash pretty easily and effortlessly.

In reality, legitimate creative digital agencies are out there and they surely are capable of bringing the results they promise. You just need to make the right choices.

At TechNerds, we ensure each collaboration is executed exactly as promised. Our focus is on providing more value compared to the retainer fee we charge. To find out how we can deliver real results for your online business, schedule a discovery call with us here.

It’s about choosing the right digital agency to closely work with you in bringing your vision to life. A wrong digital agency will almost always burn through your finances and leave you bereft off your hard earned money.

3. Agency Doesn’t Have A Proper Work Structure



A lot of clients who approach us have never before worked with a digital agency that has a proper work structure in place.

Agencies that lack a work structure normally assign an account executive whose work is to convince you of the least worse option out of the lot. Often, the account executive does not understand what you exactly wish to achieve. This, on most occasions, doesn’t end up in the most desirable of outcomes.

Add in the fact that clients like yourself never have any oversight into how to work on your project is being carried out. You often have no access to your own projects, don’t really know which resource is working on what task, and how much work has actually been accomplished. Digital Agency

Work structure is mostly a mess and often leaves a bad taste after the work or services fail to satisfy your expectations.

To tackle this, we at TechNerds ensure you enjoy a transparent working relationship while working with us. Instead of simply burning money and delivering whatever we can muster up like most other agencies do, we collaborate directly with you. Your feedback is our top priority.

TechNerds provide you access to your own virtual desk with a fully dedicated team committed to delivering exactly what you want. You’re always aware of who is working on which aspect of your project and how many hours are being spent on each task.

4. Agency Doesn’t Deliver Projects On Time



Clients who approach us often rank on-time project delivery as one of the key friction points with their previous digital agency.

Time is the most valuable currency there is!”

An agency that does not understand the importance of time will never value your ideas and fail to drive the best possible ROI your project merits.

For instance, online businesses have been booming during the pandemic. Keeping this fact in mind, you approach an agency with a website design project for your startup. They promise to deliver it in a month and you’re happy over getting the whole thing up and running in a couple of months.

The right time is the perfect opportunity”

But instead of delivering it in the promised timeframe, the project ends up facing multiple delays. When you finally receive it, the window of opportunity that you foresaw is most likely gone.

Not only does it take the steam out of your project, but it also deprives it of success. Time can make or break your projects.

At TechNerds, a dedicated project manager ensures that your project is always delivered on time and in the best possible light. To learn more about our transparent work process and how we can boost your business, schedule a free consultation here!

5. Agency Doesn’t Understand Your Vision



Another typical complaint we’ve heard from you a lot is your previous agency’s inability to understand your vision truly.

This is how this plays out.

You make yourself quite clear in guiding the agency through your expectations and goals from a project. The agency pretends like they know exactly what your expectations are and say “YES” to delivering everything according to your wishes.

But the final product you receive is unlike anything you had envisioned. By this time, you’ve already burnt through most of your finances, and extensively exhausted your energy explaining your requirements.

The last thing you want to hear at this point is to see the agency ask for more money to make further changes. Sadly, they might do exactly that.

Common problems such as these can dash your hopes and belief in your online business ever making it.

It might even take a toll on your mind and resources. While problems can make you disappointed, bad experiences end up making you disgruntled from working with a digital marketing agency ever again.

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Most likely, you’ll end up pulling the plug to your online business dreams like that family friend, or you’ll try to do it yourself (and end up burning money even more), or you might abandon the idea of working with an agency ever again.

But instead of being rash, why not focus on choosing the right agency with proven work under their belt? An agency that focuses on giving back more value? An Agency that offers a transparent client-agency relationship so you’re always in the loop and in-charge?

Here’s How TechNerds Can Help You Recover Cashflow And Business

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The number one thing that sets us apart from the rest is the convenient and transparent work process we provide our clients with.

We’re well aware of the bad experiences you guys have had, all the delays and excuses you’ve had to face. How the prospect of working with another freelancer or agency now seems daunting. You might even decide to take the marketing reins into your hands.

But before you go about making rash decisions and give up on the prospect of working with an agency, remember, the wrongs of a few do not mean that competency no longer exists.

Check out these 10 Surefire Reasons Why TechNerds Can Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2021 (And Not You!)

Here’s how TechNerds go about eliminating your hassle and alleviating your stress to hook you up with the best product possible.

1. We believe in the power of being a good listener

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We kick off the process by scheduling a discovery call. Our focus at this stage is to listen to you carefully and ask the right questions.

This helps us be on the same page, discover unique aspects of your project, understand the trouble you’ve faced in the past, identify solutions and pinpoint potential opportunities we can capitalize on together.

Our number one focus is on ensuring we truly understand your problems.

We also learn about your project details, and goals. We try to take in as much data and information as we can to ultimately provide you with a strategic plan for the best roadmap forward.

2. Carrying out an audit of your existing project

The next step in facilitating a seamless collaboration process is to complete an inspection of your existing project.

A dedicated team of Quality Assurance executives runs various tests on your project (eg. on existing software, website, mobile app etc.) in a bid to identify bugs, flaws, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.

We then present all our findings and requirements for the project to you in a scope of work along with a quotation for the project.

At this stage, it’s entirely up to you. If you give the go-ahead, we will begin executing the changes. If you choose not to continue, the project will come to a halt.

This is done to ensure total transparency.

We don’t believe in hidden costs or concealment of facts that might end up jeopardizing your product or burn through your finances.

This is why we’ve been ranked in top ten digital agencies of the world by design rush in 2021

3. Project Kick Off & Management


Assuming you take the wiser option and choose to onboard with us, you gain instant access to a dedicated project manager whose sole responsibility is to collaborate with you and implement all the feedback you provide over the course of your project. Digital Agency can burn your cash without a proper project manager.

Additionally, you gain 24/7 access to your own virtual desk where you gain the ability to track each and every resource allocated to your project.

Virtual desk allows you to:

  • View Activity Stream
  • Chat/Message In An Instant
  • Monitor Your Project
  • Schedule Meetings
  • A Work Calendar
  • Add/Remove Tasks
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Our virtual desk is vital for keeping you in the loop. We keep you up to date with progress and provide you with complete oversight on the project.

4. Bringing Your Vision To Life


At this stage, the process is well underway. You’ve held several meetings with your project manager. He’s been showing you progress on a consistent basis while implementing all the feedback from your end on the project.

We believe the key to a fruitful relationship is in having an adequate work structure in place. Our entire process is designed keeping you in mind. From quality auditing to highly qualified project managers, each resource is vital to providing you with the best work experience possible.

Our collaborative framework is what enables us to deliver top-quality projects exactly based on your vision.

Take a look at our Client Throwback Series where we dive deep into a website project we did for a client. In the series, we explain every aspect of the project in detail to provide you with a better understanding of how we work at TechNerds.

5. Making The Cut & Finalizing Project

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At this stage, a project manager finalizes the project with you and makes the final tweaks. The project Manager works diligently to bring your project up to the desired standards. Anything less and the Digital Agency can burn your cash.

Once all the technicalities have been taken care of, the project is ready for a final assessment & closure.

6. Final Assessment & Project Closure

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This is the final stage in our collaboration process. Here, the project manager formally presents the final product to you along with a report of the project detailing the overall success achieved against your expectations.

Once you provide a final assessment and signal your satisfaction with the project’s outcome, a formal closure document is signed between TechNerds and you.

Once the signatures have been done, the contract is deemed fulfilled. All subsequent resources and equipment employed on your project are released.

7. After Project Services

Once the project concludes, you have a viable product ready to be promoted. Keeping your business needs in mind, we offer you a wealth of digital marketing services to help spread the word about your product.

Choose from an extensive array of our Marketing Services stack geared to tremendously boost your product launch and successfully turn it into a memorable brand.

Services we offer

End Note

The point of writing this piece is to make you understand that we get your pain and the trouble you’ve had to face before, Digital Agency can burn your cash, but with us, you are getting none of that

We know how marketing agencies today con people out of their dream of ever bringing their startup ideas to life. But we are here to change those facts on the ground.

While most other agencies may be busy trying to cheat their clients or taking undue advantage, we have made it our mission to help ambitious people like you realize their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

For us, the process is our passion. Getting a chance to work with the next great idea and seeing it make a positive difference in the world is what we live for.

With our fool-proof collaboration process, we also ensure that you enjoy the most rewarding experience ever.

After all, that’s the reason why we sport a 99% client success rate while along with positive digital business owner reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

If you have an incredible idea you want to work on or want to launch your own startup, perhaps you need help turning it into a product that sells, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us.

Remember, the most valuable ideas are the ones that have yet to be brought into existence.

So take that first step, make that leap, and when you’re ready, ping us. The rest, as they say, will be history.

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