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As personal trainers, we need to understand both the male and female perspectives on personal fitness goals and health and wellness. My online workout programs work for all people looking to get in better shape. As fitness enthusiasts, we all have a history, and that history will dictate where you begin. Please understand that everyone, including guys like Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Muhammad Ali, was all beginners at one point in their life, and they had a dream. What made them special was their ability to have a vision or goal that was realistic. From there, most importantly, they had a PLAN, and a dream without a plan is only a wish. The problem with most programs is that they are fundamental, and soon after beginning, boredom sets in, or you will reach a plateau. Mine are very detailed and structured to help with motivation and muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is the primary reason most people have great results. In addition to my on-line workouts, below, I have listed the different personalized workout programs I have available. 

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