Soul with Steph

Hey, I’m Steph

A Content writer & creative entrepreneur

I have a background in Psychology & Mental Health and a great love for living life to the fullest. I fell in love with the Health & Wellness Industry in my early twenties as I was pursuing my degree in Clinical Psychology and working in Sales & Marketing for corporate brands in the industry. Although I love the industry, I couldn’t identify with the values of the corporations I worked with. I began to feel like a piece of my soul was dying every day… not fun.

I chose to leave the corporate industry and committed to pursuing my passion for writing and sharing my message with the world. I’m an avid backpacker, ambitious world traveler, active humanitarian, and creative soul. After many years of working in fitness and nutrition, exploring the outdoors, the human mind, I fell in love with the holistic approach to health and wellness. That includes the mind, body, and soul. I now write about personal development, conscious living, and tips on how to create a soul-aligned business based on fulfillment and freedom. 

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