I Have an App Idea, What Should I Do Next?

You have an app idea? Congratulations! It’s your first step in an industry ripe with life-changing potential and creative innovations. But don’t get too excited just yet. Having a killer app idea is one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Executing it to your vision is a different ball game. 

First thing’s first– you need to be sure that your idea is a good one. This need for validation might feel strange to you. After all, you’ve not thought long and hard about what you need to do. You’re feeling like the ultimate problem solver with plans to remove a nagging global issue. But, enthusiasm and a can-do spirit can only take you so far. 

You’ll need to research the consumer market. Only then can you identify consumer issues and solve them using logical reasoning, available insights, and data analysis. Research also helps determine if the problem you’re solving hasn’t been solved already or is even worth solving in the first place. 

Next up is Validation. Validation lets you decode the potential of your idea. It gives you access to the customer’s mindset and lets you know whether your app solution is truly the best. For example, by validating your idea, you may understand if it will work or not.

If you realize that it will not be as feasible or robust as you initially thought, you can rethink your idea and shift your focus elsewhere. That’s why validation is essential. In this blog, we’ll guide you through all the crucial steps to take to make your app idea a reality.

You’ll find everything you need for a successful app creation – from idea to deployment. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

I Have an App Idea. What’s Next for Me?


With no execution roadmap in sight, every innovation ends up on the mental shelf. An excellent way to avoid this is by analyzing the competition and talking to potential customers. Over time, you can create a user journey map with the help of user interviews. 

Once you have the user data, your app creation process should follow beta tests to review the app’s effectiveness. This step-by-step process must happen with close attention to detail. 

Furthermore, things can become even more complex if the market isn’t researched or customer behavior isn’t understood properly. A significant negative would be a loss of connection with the customer leading to non-utilization of the product. On the other hand, this analysis could save your business from financial ruin. It allows you to restrategize if the idea doesn’t take off.

Therefore, it’s essential to measure the following:

Risk Assessment


Figure out what the undertaking could mean for your finances and business plans. You have no business trying to build an app if you’re not prepared for failure. We’re not saying your idea is going to be a dud. 

However, you might not hit your targets or solve the exact problem you targeted. When that happens, you need to make plans to re-adjust your strategy. It’s often best to understand the app success ratio. 

For instance, despite the growth of the mobile tech sector, there are some negative aspects. Statista placed the global mobile app retention rate at 32% in 2019. This figure is a significant drop from the previous year. It points to the fact that app developers are overlooking key aspects of client satisfaction. Therefore, you must ensure your app ticks all the boxes for app retention.

You Might Face Less Customer Interest


The intriguing fact about this is, you may not be at fault. Gone are the days of customers hopping on every new mobile app. Nowadays, they’re more comfortable with a service they’ve used for years. So regardless of how good your app’s features are, your customers could skip them without a second thought. 

This reality is something you must keep in mind. To see how prepared you are, answer these risk questions;

How Committed Am I to Pursuing My idea?

You need to establish how firm your business resolve is. It’s best to brainstorm all unplanned business scenarios, so you’re never taken off-guard. Answering all the questions will provide you the resilience to either proceed with your idea or channel your energy elsewhere. 

How Much Am I Willing to Invest in the R&D of My App?


Research and development are the core of your app idea execution. Your level of finances and commitment to research will determine how valuable your app is. Figure out how much to put in without going in the red.

What Plan Do I Have If I Face a Rough Patch in the Beginning?

Always have a plan B if things go south. Of course, the business will pick up eventually, but you’ll need a safety net first. This assurance could be extra funds or a second idea you’re working on that could cover the losses of the first.

Craft Your Value Proposition


The value proposition is what you’re promising to deliver. On the customer’s part, this is the value they’ll receive from your product. You must ensure your product is a good fit for your business and the end-user. To accomplish this, consider the following:

What Do Your Customers Want?

You must identify the customer’s pain points to craft the perfect solution. That way, you won’t veer off track from the solution purpose of your product. 

What Do You Have in Store for Them?

Users value a product that gives them the value they seek and a quick solution to their issues. Therefore, make sure the product you’re promoting can deliver exactly what it states on the box.

The Gaps You Spot in the Market

When products leave the market, customers need new ones. Businesses also focus on the most profitable market locations. These situations create a demand gap in the market. You can fill this gap with your new product and satisfy customer needs.

Create a Business Model/Map


A well-defined business map creates a pathway for the entire app-building process. With changes in the app market, the business model lets you see the bigger picture. You get to solve customer problems by thinking about long-term results and implications. It’s also a presentation on how your company’s actions will influence your goals. 

You can better manage the risk by documenting your work processes. Moreover, business tracking helps employees get a firmer grasp of their roles. With time, the understanding of roles would boost your company’s efficiency. 

To create your business map, use this procedure;

  • Define mission and core values
  • Determine business from four perspectives, i.e., customers, finance, internal process, and growth.
  • Set business goals and key priorities
  • Explain your reasoning
  • Set metrics
  • Define your corporate initiatives

Hire a Team of Developers to Develop Your Mobile Idea


You should make this decision to minimize creation costs and maximize revenue. Outsourcing to freelancers has a significant drawback because of the pricing structure. Also, individuals might only possess general knowledge about app building. There’s virtually no way to ensure quality resources are being employed. 

However, working with an Agency like TechNerds can be the difference maker in your app, meeting your vision and becoming a reality. We provide a dedicated project manager to manage your product and provide turnkey digital solutions for app development and website design

All our app developers are experts who’ve built multiple apps for successful businesses. We also offer some of the finest digital resources at half the cost of most agencies in the USA. Our developers work as an extension of your team.

We ensure you’re always prepared for any changes in your industry. Furthermore, the apps we build also handle various customer needs. This advantage is because each developer brings a different perspective to the project.

Create a Marketing Plan Before Your App Hits the Market


It is possible to promote products through a variety of channels. You can choose to go with traditional marketing like TV ads or modern digital marketing with our Agency. The critical issue is finding the most effective option. Since it’s a new product, you need as much publicity as possible. 

A broad reach is one aspect of your marketing. Next, you’ll need to attract your target audience to the preferred platform. This selection gives you direct access and quicker responses. Also, it would help if you decided on the marketing timeline early. You don’t want to burn a marketing budget on a campaign that’s no longer effective.

Pitch Your App Idea to Investors to Raise Funding


As for finances, the app’s success depends on how much is available. This situation includes idea validation up to app launch. These are what you should keep in mind;

Personal Funding

If your idea can’t wait, there’s no harm in starting with personal funds. Of course, it would need you to dip into your savings, but you can keep complete control. Also, the idea gets sent out into the market a lot faster. This launch speed means you can get your investment profit sooner.

Funding From Business Partner

The app you’re working on has the potential to be a money-maker. If business partners see the financial gain, they will make monetary commitments.

Funding Through Startup Incubators/Investors

These are high-net-worth individuals and enterprises. In operation, your business gets a one-time investment and access to professionals. The sum falls between $15,000 to $150,000 with spending advice from strategists and VC groups. 


You need to set a launch date that guarantees the best reception. This selection happens using marketing trends that show customer behavior. With that information, you’ll be able to get precise online marketing hotspots.

Not sure if you should take your mobile app idea forward? You’ll find this helpful Is Your Mobile App Idea Worth a Shot?

I Have Launched My App. Is There Anything I Can Do?

Your product is now out on the market, and taking a breather is okay. That said, there’s no harm in still post-launch work. These are tasks to do to boost your app’s performance, data analysis perform before the app launch to take care of the after launched mistakes or problems.

Continuous Updates and Improvements


The app is excellent, but it can be better. For example, you can add more features to the platform for customers to enjoy. Also, you can examine your software to remove any bugs in the system.

Listen and Implement Your Users’ Feedback


Only the customer knows where it hurts when using a product. You can use the reviews to make adjustments that will better please them.

Benefit From The Latest Tech to Modify Your App


Developers have made it possible for these digital assets to be integrated. So make your findings and add them to your app. If it’s compatible, the consumer experience gets better. 

Final Thoughts

There’s so much that apps have to offer consumers for use. With your mindset satisfaction, the app needs to check all necessary boxes. It won’t be possible to do so based on wishful thinking.

You’ll need a plan that takes you from validation to execution. This article gives clear directives on what to consider during your process. With this, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your software enterprise soon.

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