Start Your Shopify Store For Only $1

Start Your Shopify Store For Only $1 

The past couple of years have been a roller coaster of emotions (thanks to Covid), things are taking a turn for the better. We know it’s been tough. Opportunities were limited. Future was uncertain and just like you, we had those moments of self-reflection as well. 

So we thought, what it is we can do that would truly help make a difference. 

Although stimulus checks did help, they were never going to last forever. This is why we worked hard behind the scenes to come up with an opportunity of a lifetime. 

First, Get Rid of Self Doubt…

Folks, stop envying and start taking action. 

We know you want to create more channels for income.

We know you want to remove the doubts and fears of starting an online business.

We are here to help you get rid of self-doubt and start taking action. 

“Opportunities are in abundance for those who are actively seeking them”

Instead of focusing on the cannots’, focus on the cans’. 

This is what separates you from the dreamers. Doers take action, dreamers feign it. We believe in your power. We believe in your ideas and we know you possess the guile of an entrepreneur. 

“Doers Take Action. Dreamers Feign It.”

Who says you can't shopify store

Think of the one thing that bloomed while everything else was doomed? 

It’s called E-Commerce. Google it. 

The E-Commerce market today stands at a whopping $27 trillion! If you think you don’t deserve a small chunk of that market, you’re only undermining yourself. 

You might feel it’s the usual pep talk – “Get your business online”. You’ve probably thought of it a million times yourself. But here’s what probably stopped you. 

  • Worrying about cash
  • Not knowing how to begin
  • How to assemble the right resources
  • What is the process going to be like

So many concerns… 

Here’s The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

New-revenue-stream shopify-store

TechNerds Helps You Launch on Shopify for only $1

If it’s finances that are stopping you, we’re helping you get started for just $1

If you need help with strategies, we possess the right expertise to help you crack the code. If it’s a reliable partner, we’re ready to be your dream team, and if it’s not knowing the ropes to get started, we got the best business consultants in the market! 

Most companies in the US would charge highly exorbitant fees to build your business on Shopify,t that’s not how it works with TechNerds because we PUT YOU FIRST. 

If you have an idea you believe in, we’re ready to help you build it. 

Guess how many people we’ve turned from doubters to believers? 


We can help you too! 

Why Shopify?

  • Lower Setup and Running Cost
  • Higher Profit Margins
  • Unmatchable Scalability
  • Better Cash Flow
  • Customer Insights
  • 24/7 Availability

In closing…

Remember, success is reserved for the bold. While many will bemoan a lack of opportunities, the truth is, they are in abundance. You just have to be an initiative taker and have the right partner work with you. 

At TechNerds, we are doing everything we can to ease YOUR path to entrepreneurship. In the end, it is up to you how far you want to take your ambitions. 

People do the worst thing by not even taking a chance with their ideas. I often wonder how hard a 15 minute discovery call can be? 15 minutes to possibly change your life and influence your future doesn’t feel like much. 

However, we are all captains of our own ship and we realize things at our own pace. At TechNerds we will keep providing you with opportunities and options to help you take control of your own “bread & butter”. 

Start your Online E-commerce Store today at TechNerds.com

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