Marine Forecast

The Marine forecast application was created through the personal needs of the developer for his fishing adventures, whether they are done by boat or from the shore. The need for a detailed weather forecast and in particular for the weather at sea was deemed necessary, as the existing applications did not meet expectations, not only in terms of success in forecasting, but also in terms of details in terms of direction and wind intensity, direction and wave height. , temperatures, rainfall and other details, such as water temperature, cloud cover, rainfall height and other information relevant to the fishing day we are looking at and the success we expect to have from this trip.

Of course things did not stand still and new applications also came to fill the gaps that existed giving impetus to this piece, but also users became more demanding over time. So other options were added to Marine Forecast app, such as information about ports, marinas, slides, gas stations, etc.

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Project Detail

  • Android
  • IOS
  • JAVA
  • Swift
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