• 01

    Take A Bold Move

    Schedule your Discovery Call to take the next action step forward for your project. Let’s achieve goals together!

  • 02

    Discovery Call

    In this stage we are focused on learning about your project details and goals. We take in as much data and information as we can in this stage to create a solid Scope of Work for you.

  • 03

    Scope of Work

    The scope of work will:

    1. Define the Project

    2. Outline Project tasks

    3. Prepare the information architecture, including technology stack

    4. Provide the timeline and cost

    5. Obtain team review & approvals

    Our team of developers, engineers, and project managers engage in traditional white-board style meetings to put the pieces together for the scope.

  • 04

    Contract Agreement

    It’s time to secure the deal.

    We provide you with a detailed legal agreement which outlines our services, the scope, owner rights, and confidentiality.

    Our firm works in good faith with integrity to deliver upon the agreed terms.

  • 05

    We Made It! Now The Fun Begins…

    Welcome to TechNerds!

    It’s time to get you boarded onto our collaborative platform where you will have a virtual desk and access to your dedicated team ready to execute tasks according to the plan. On your dashboard, you can chat with your team members, add new tasks, schedule meetings, view progress, and much more. All of this, at your fingertips!