An Accidental Email Bonds a Group of Strangers Waiting for Couches

Jeff DeMars placed an order for a Cobble Hill Hannah sofa in Dragonfly (translation: green) from ABC Carpet & Home in November. Earlier this week, the 32-year-old program coordinator from Brooklyn received an email from the furniture retailer, signed by its CEO, alerting him that his sofa would be delayed until May.

He looked at the “CC” field and saw 204 other email addresses. His fellow customers weren’t invisibly BCC’d, but there on display.

So began the great couch conversation of 2021, with hundreds of strangers suddenly linked by their lack of a new sofa.

“It was pretty immediate that I was like, oh this is clearly a mistake,” says Mr. DeMars. “I didn’t have any plans for the evening so I figured, oh I might as well follow this and see where it goes.”

There were some inquiries about being refunded for shipping, says Mr. DeMars, but “no one really said ‘please remove me’ right away.”

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